Thursday, 8 October 2015

Being a Female escort

Being a Female escort –  my name is ruhi arora I work as an Mumbai independent escort, here I would like to share you my personal experience, as I have feel for Escort world and services. Like any other profession such as doctor, engineer, film director, actor, female escort itself a great Profession.

In this field females do the same thing whatever they do after or before Marriage with husband or with boyfriend. On entering this profession first thing which enters in mind is that what will others think, how will society react to us? Now I am going back to past for rewinding & assuming moments when negative circumstances heavier on me, when I had nothing , when there no job neither a source of income, then how helpful was the society, the society which is the collection of citizens they becomes statue at the moment.

I remember when I was in school and father came to drop me by scooter I sees a women sitting beside road side whose eyes demands for money. At that moment I start realizing is there nothing important or more than that. Why do a women ready to begged only for coins. For a single penny she wasn’t destroying her day she is destroying her whole life. As I have realized money is the source to completing our need. And the source which I have selected I decided to be a female escort is good option and I am proud for that I have chosen this profession not only for rupees and dollar. I entered here for self decision.
This is enough for me boosting and generate self confidence. On meeting with different person I really feel that I am enjoying the life, not surviving it. In female escort industry girls enjoy complete freedom and no one forces Independent Mumbai escorts to provide services. We are here with our willingness for completing men’s desire.

Ruhi Arora

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